Blackfly Mountain Woodworks started in 2009 out of a garage in Grafton, NY as a cabinetry business while making tables and other furniture on the side. In 2010 the company purchased the tools and machinery from an existing cabinet shop, which then allowed them to work with large slabs and create table tops. The companies owner then purchased a warehouse in troy and officially started Alexander Butcher Block, which he turned into a successful business doing wood countertops all over NY. The company started getting into tables in 2016 and shortly after outgrew its facility and moved to a newer and bigger shop nearby where Blackfly Mountain Woodworks was born. Blackfly Mountain was doing much more than just countertops as it became a go to for tables, furniture, doors, desks and an assortment of custom wood products. The team immediately got into creating resin tables and have perfected the process using enormous machinery that allows them to fabricate and produce beautiful pieces of art.


Originally a home builder and general contractor, Alex shifted into the finish carpentry and cabinetry business in 2009 when he started his own company out of his home creating cabinets, tables and other furniture. After acquiring the tools and machinery that allowed him to work with larger scale wood slabs, he found there was a local niche for butcher block counter tops and officially started Alexander Butcher Block out of an old warehouse in Troy. After turning his small office into a showroom and traveling around selling his product to cabinet dealers, Alex was able to create successful business doing wood countertops all over New York because he guaranteed his product. In 2016 the company started focusing on creating tables and soon outgrew their space, eventually moving to a newer and bigger shop down the street where Blackfly Mountain Woodworks was born. Since then they have become experts on wood and resin tables, finding a way to bring Alex's love for salvaged wood to life.



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Blackfly Mountain Woodworks

302 10th Street | Troy NY 12180

Phone: 518-279-9663 | Fax: 518-279-9664

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Showroom hours

Monday to Thursday 8:00am - 4:30pm

Friday & Saturday by appointment between 9:00am to 12:00pm 

We recycle 100% of our wood waste

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